ACST International Day celebrates UN International Year of Sports and Physical Education

ACST International Day celebrates
UN International Year of Sports and Physical Education

We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s International Day, and hope that you will all enjoy the chance to celebrate the international nature of our school community. Please come along promptly to see the flag parade and then enjoy the displays from each country, taste a huge variety of food, and take part in all the sports and games that are on offer. Thanks go to Kamal and her team of volunteers for all the hard work they have put in to make this a day to remember.

We have a guest Speaker from the UN : Ms.Maria Luisa Fornara.

The Program of events starts at 11:00hrs and closes at 14:00 hrs

Flag Parade
the day’s events start with Flag Parade (contact person Marcella De Ghetto – 97431678)
In order that this passes smoothly, parents of participating children are requested to ensure that they be near Ms. Bogie’s office (E 104) by no later than 10:45 am. Each child is requested to have their own National Flag on a flag pole and should be wearing their National dress. At the time of country being introduced, one child from each country (or all the children from a given country), will greet the audience in their National language.
Please contact your country coordinator in order to ensure that your country is well represented.
Ticket Sales and Guests

For any of you who have not yet bought your tickets, its not too late!! Tickets are now on sale every day at ACST pick up time, so don’t forget to get your entrance tickets. In order to avoid the queues on the day for food tickets, buy well ahead of time. We are trying to encourage as many parents, staff and students to celebrate this fun event so entry tickets will be on sale at the door at TDN 2, and food tickets will be available throughout the day at 500 millimes. Please try and bring correct change.

If you would like to bring along guests from outside of ACST, this is possible, but please note you are responsible for the conduct of your guests, and must accompany them while they are on school premises.

Display of artifacts and/or display and sale of traditional foods (contact person Lola Adeniji – 21746608) Participants may set up their tables from 10 am.
Traditional games or activities typical of your country (contact person: Charlotte de Kock 97424077)

To link in with this year’s UN theme. We hope to have a real variety of activities to keep adults and children alike entertained and we would welcome any suggestions from cricket to chess, mahjong to marbles, petanque to pictionary!!

Please note that this year the focus will be on games and we will not have cultural show of dances and performances. Feel free to contact Kamal on 71764250 with any questions or suggestions.