Appel a consultations

LRPS-2020-9156296 – CRC Innovation Champions – Tunisia


Wishes to invite you to submit a proposal for

CRC Innovation Champions – Tunisia

9156296 Q&A

EMAILED proposals should be sent to:


The reference LRPS-2020-9156296 must be shown on the emails containing the proposal.

Financial Proposal must be sent separately and must not be included in the Technical Proposal.

The Request for Proposal for Services form must be used when replying to this invitation. You are welcome to enclose your own specifications, if necessary.

Proposals must be received at the above address by latest 18:00 hours(Tunis time) on 18 March 2020 and will be opened at 10:30 hours (Tunis time) on 19 March 2020.

Request for Proposal for Services received after the stipulated date and time will be invalidated.

It is important that you read all the provisions of the Request for Proposal for Services to ensure that you understand and comply with the UNICEF’s requirements.

Note that failure to submit compliant proposals may result in invalidation of your proposal.